Getting A Gas Boiler Installed – What Questions Should I Ask?

When thinking about a new gas boiler installation, it’s important to ask all the right questions up front. Here we give answers to typical questions our customers have asked about their new boiler.

Worcester Boiler in PrestonWhat type of gas boiler should I get?

There are two main types of boiler – Combi and Open Vented. Today, Combi Boilers are more popular as they:

  • provide instant hot water
  • do not require a storage tank in the loft
  • maintenance is normally in one place
  • heating normally heats up quicker than an open vented system


What’s the best brand of boiler?

Personally I only install boilers that I know and trust which are Baxi and Worcester.


What size boiler do I need?

This obviously depends on exactly how big your property is but here is a useful guide:

Dwelling Type Boiler Output (kW)
Terraced house 24
Semi-detached 30
Detached 30-40 (depending on number of bathrooms)


Can my boiler be moved?

Yes the location can be moved as long as the flue can be vented outside

What else is needed?

New thermostatic valve on a radiatorNew thermostatic radiator valves are recommended if current ones are old or if there are no thermostats already fitted.

Do you use plastic piping when installing a boiler?

No, when installing boilers you can only use copper pipe work

How long does installing a gas boiler take?

Peter Jones Plumber is Gas Safe registeredA simple like-for-like replacement using mainly the same pipework can be completed in one day. If additional radiators are required, this can take an extra day or two. We will give you a timescale when we provide an estimate. Please only use a Gas-Safe certified engineer to carry out this work.


How much does it cost for a new boiler and installation?

As you can see, there are a few things to take into account when costing the installation of a new gas boiler but here’s a guide to help for a typical three-bedroom house in Preston:

New 30kW Combi Boiler               from £1900 to £3500

Boiler Installation                            from £1600 to £2800 depending on boiler

Thermostatic Valves (x 8)             from £300 depending on type of valves


We will always survey the property and provide you with a written estimate.


For further information about getting a new boiler for your home in the Preston area, drop me a line or call 07966 683 688.